Past Masters

Includes Lewis & Clark Lodge, No. 301, F. & A. M. of Washington
Chartered in 1957 and consolidated with Pasco No. 173 in 1996.
Year Pasco 173 Lewis & Clark 301
1908 Edward J. Moran
1909 Edward J. Moran
1910 Edward J. Crooks
1911 Edward J. Moran
1912 Arthur Rieder
1913 Charles S. Davis
1914 Harry W. Hull
1915 Ebb Sheffield
1916 C. W.Simonson
1917 J.W. Blanton
1918 E. L. Collins
1919 Raymond S.Hicks
1920 Charles F. Stinson
1921 Francis M. Cole
1922 George H. Hazzard
1923 Clarence N. Boulter
1924 J. W. Blanton
1925 Alfred R. Puchner
1926 C. Scott Roff
1927 Harry Livesey
1928 Byron Arnold
1929 Marion A. Doll
1930 John A. Shupe
1931 Fred Norling
1932 Strother D. Douglas
1933 J. D. Smiley
1934 Carl R. Bergmann
1935 Willis R. Hales
1936Herbert L. White
1937Ole Skertland
1938Charles W. Smith
1939Grover Cleveland Russell
1940Irwin W. Ingrham
1941Archie W. Churchman
1942D. Byron Baker
1943Floyd L. Perry, Jr.
1944Paul L. Blanton
1945Earl Johnson
1946Leonard Wright
1947Thomas E. Perry
1948Charles H. Custer
1949Charles O. Erskin
1950Harold A. Stowe
1951Harry W. Barto
1952Phillip C. Mitchell
1953Harold S. Cartmell
1954Eugene P. Moyer
1955A. Carroll Northrup
HonoraryCharles G. Grigg
1956A. J. Duke
1957 William H. Gabel H. S. Cartmell
1958 Stanley L. Perry Eugene Moyer
1959 Walter S. Bennett Homer B. Sargent
1960 Thomas W. Bishop Charlie L. Rice
1961 George T. Schleier Winton Miller
HonoraryDavid Lilley
1962 Eugene W. Brown A. M. Killingsworth
1963 Clyde T. Ford Walter M. Milliron
1964William W. Dodd, Jr. Ralph G. Showalter
HonoraryGeorge J. Schoch
1965 Clark W. Daniels Frank C. Fisher
1966 Frank D. Lebow Laurel S. Shute
1967 William H. Hogg Rolla O. Boggs
1968 Eugene E. Brotherton Henry E. Jones
HonoraryDavid F. Rodkey
1969 Donald V. Hobbs Frank O. Requist
1970 William T. Casaday Walter C. Milliron
1971 Albert L. Bond Paul R. Clark
1972 Jerry E. Streeter Kenneth D. Wakefield
1973 Albert L. Butterfield Woodrow J. Kluth
1974 Edwin Thiessen Norman V. Harms
1975 James Van Custer Delmar R. Long
1976 Jackson Taylor Boyd Frank W. Bell
1977 John J. Pease George S. Hollywood
1978 Robert E. Steele Sylvan L. Jensen
HonoraryFrederick J. Oates
1979 Dean R. Burroughs James T. Whitehead
1980 Samuel Brown Jerry L. Lancon
1981 David J. Frederickx Roy L. McDuffee
1982 Ronald Cook John M. Carroll
1983 Darwin Murray Joseph N. Casale
1984 Howard F. Huhs John M. Carroll
1985 Elden Sargent Gary Albright
1986 Elden Sargent Paul Saucedo
1987 Harvey Huston Floyd L. Snyder
1988 Charles D. Kilbury† Floyd L. Snyder
1989 J. Robert Yingling James McWorther
HonoraryAlbert L. Butterfield
1990 Richard Travis Jerry Thompson
1991 Donald Hoover David J. Andrews
1992 Dean R. Burroughs W. Darrell Boone
1993 Michael Lee Floyd L. Snyder
1994 Michael Lee Charles Rice
1995 Michael Gossett Patrick T. Hamilton
1996Jerry Ammann
1997Donald Cooper
1998George Pincheira
1999R. Russell Campbell
2000George Shrider
2001Kenneth O. Hartley
2002Gregory S. Hauger
2003O. Clifford Groff
2004R. Russell Campbell
2005David P. Chassin
HonoraryTerry C. Crabb
Raymon Palmer
2006Dan Walsh
2007Donald Cooper
2008O. Clifford Groff
2009Michael Anderson
2010Leo Zolessi
2011George Pincheira
2012George Pincheira
2013Ray Schulz
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